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New Procreate Dreams app brings intuitive animation creation to the iPad

Image Credit: Procreate

Procreate, maker of its eponymous digital illustration software, has announced its upcoming iPad animation app Procreate Dreams.

Procreate has long been popular with illustrators as it set the standard when it came to creating digital art on the iPad. Now, the company is gearing up to revolutionize 2D animation with its newly announced iPad app, Procreate Dreams.

Procreate Dreams aims to make animation faster and easier with fluid gestures and intuitive tools like its multi-touch timeline. Onion skins can be customized to help animators create fluid animations effortlessly. A Flipbook tool helps pare down an interface for a more traditional animation experience.

It's compatible with Procreate brushes, perfect for artists who have been collecting assets over the years.

Real-time rendering allows artists to instantly play back their animations as they make movies. A new audio engine gives animators tools for music, voice-overs, and sound effects.

Procreate Dreams will also feature iCloud support, allowing artists to back up their work automatically via iCloud synchronization. A new file format, the "dreams" format, allows artists to open files up to 1TB to be opened instantly with no loading, saving, or export time.

Like Procreate, Procreate Dreams will be available for a one-time purchase rather than a monthly subscription model. The company says it will be available on November 22 for $19.99.