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If you want to spend $150 per strand on smart Christmas lights, Nanoleaf has a solution

Just in time to prep for Christmas, Nanoleaf has rolled out Matter Smart Holiday String Lights, featuring 250 LEDs per strand, and an extensive color range for holiday decorating.

Nanoleaf has released their new Matter Smart Holiday String Lights, which offer a modern and stylish option for holiday decorating. These lights are designed to enhance the festive ambiance of your home with smart features.

These lights comprise 250 addressable LEDs, providing a total length of 20 meters — just over 65 feet — offering flexibility for creative decorating during the holiday season.

These lights offer a wide range of color options, with over 16 million colors and adjustable whites available. This allows users to create a customized holiday atmosphere that goes beyond traditional single-color decorations.

The lights come with various control options that are easy to use, such as touch interface and voice commands. Additionally, they can be synced with music to heighten the festive ambiance.

These lights are designed to be versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With an IP44 water-resistant rating, they can withstand splashes and light rain, ensuring they can be used in various weather conditions.

In terms of control methods, users have multiple options. These lights can be managed using the attached controller, the Nanoleaf App, or integrated into a Smart Home Ecosystem. Integrating a Smart Home Ecosystem requires a Matter-compatible smart home hub and iOS 16.5+, tvOS 16.5+, or Android OS 8.1+.

Nanoleaf Smart Holiday String Lights are available to preorder now for $119.99, and are expected to start shipping in mid-October.