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Apple files legal challenge over Europe's demand for third-party app stores

Apple has filed its anticipated legal case against the European Commission's Digital Markets Act, and is believed to specifically protest being forced into supporting rivals to its App Store.

The Digital Markets Act was created specifically to target Big Tech firms including Apple, and while certain implementation details are still being worked on, it became applicable from May 2023. It says that companies it defines as "gatekeepers" are now required to make their services interoperable with those of rivals.

Apple has recently been reported to be preparing an appeal specifically against the ruling that it be required to allow rival app stores on its iPhone and other devices.

According to Reuters, that appeal was filed in time for the EU General Court's deadline of November 16, 2023. No details of the filing have been made public as yet.

The Court of Justice of the European Union has tweeted that it has received the filing, however. It subsequently says that "further information will be published in due course" on the Court's website.

As noted in the tweet, Apple is not alone in contesting the implementation of the Digital Markets Act. Facebook parent Meta has also complained, as has TikTok, and its owner Bytedance.

Reuters reports that TikTok has said the "gatekeeper" designation risks helping Big Tech firms against growing rivals. "Far from being a gatekeeper," said TikTok's filing, "our platform, which as been operating in Europe for just over five years, is arguably the most capable challenged to more entrenched platform businesses."

Apple has not commented publicly on its filing.