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PETA names Apple as the 2023 Company of the Year

Apple's FineWoven leather-alternative cases

Animal rights organization PETA has declared Apple to be the 2023 Company of the Year, thanks to the iPhone maker's decision to stop offering leather accessories.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been naming winners of it's 2023 awards, praising entities it believes sets an example to others over the environment and animal cruelty issues. For 2023, Apple has been declared the Company of the Year.

In a blog post on Sunday, PETA recognizes Apple for its efforts to eliminate leather from its product lineup and a goal to be carbon neutral by 2023. This is "setting a tremendous example" to other major companies while also meeting consumer demand for more sustainable products, the organization writes.

Apple "will spare countless animals and help mitigate the climate catastrophe," according to PETA. Instead, by offering only leather-free accessories, it is "allowing compassionate consumers to feel good about purchasing animal and eco-friendly products."

PETA also praises Apple's new FineWoven lineup of Apple Watch straps and iPhone cases, which uses lower emissions in production than carbon-intensive leather.

While Apple is shying away from leather, it hasn't stopped accessory makers from using the material.