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Barcelona Apple Store union will strike on December 23

Passeig de Gracia Apple Store

Apple employees at an Apple Store in Barcelona are going on strike on December 23, with demands including holiday bonuses and better scheduling.

Promoted on X on Tuesday by the CGT Apple union, the strike action will involve Apple workers spending time outside the Passeig de Gracia Apple Store on December 23. At this time, it seems the strike will be limited just to one store.

In an image posted to social media, and a post to the union's website, the strike will last for 24 hours throughout December 23, though the organizers advise workers that they don't need to be there the whole time, and can choose how long they stay there for.

The strike action, which was decided to proceed in an assembly on Thursday, calls for changes in working practices at the store in a number of areas.

First, the group demands Apple support bonuses for working on Sundays and holidays. It also wants Apple to accept volunteers to work during those periods.

The other demands revolve around scheduling, with one including introducing regular shifts with fixed in and out times, as well as meal times, on a weekly rotation.

There is also a long-term scheduling issue, the union feels, with it wanting monthly delivery of schedules that offer timings up to three months in advance.

The CGT Apple union strike occurs three months after employees in Apple Stores across France held their own industrial action at multiple stores. The action, which involved multiple retail unions, were triggered by Apple refusing a 7% pay rise request intended to offset inflation.