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Apple shows off next generation CarPlay in Porsche and Aston Martin cars

Apple is working with Porsche to customize CarPlay (Source: Apple)

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Slipping in underneath the wire, Apple has met it's "end of 2023" deadline, with Porsche and Aston Martin showing off its massively updated CarPlay for driver information systems.

Originally — and unusually — shown off as a sneak peek, Apple presented its vision for the future of CarPlay at WWDC in June 2022. Instead of being solely an infotainment system, the new CarPlay would entirely replace dashboards and driver information clusters.

It was seen at the time as partly an attempt to keep car manufacturers from abandoning CarPlay, although that seems to have failed as a trend all by itself. Nonetheless, Apple promised that the new CarPlay would begin to be in cars by late 2023 — and now it is just barely managing to make that deadline.

According to Cool Hunting, Apple has announced that Porsche and Aston Martin will use the new system — albeit in distinctly different customized ways.

"With the next generation of CarPlay," Apple's Vice President of Human Interface Design Alan Dye told the publication, "we partnered with automakers to design an entirely new, unified experience that enables the very best of Apple and each particular automaker."

A wider view of CarPlay in an Aston Martin car (Source: Apple)
A wider view of CarPlay in an Aston Martin car (Source: Apple)

"It is a blend of a user's personal experience of iPhone paired with a celebration of the strong brand identity of each automaker," he continued.

"The next generation of CarPlay also introduces a driving experience that leverages the advanced capabilities of the car along with the power of iPhone," said Dye. "We've designed a complete system of controls that allows for seamless interactions between vehicle functions alongside the features of iPhone."

Apple has also shown images of what the new CarPlay will look like in the two different cars, although they are said to be preliminary.

"We have long been committed to providing Porsche owners with the brand and sporty driving experience synonymous with the Porsche," said Michael Mauer, Porsche's Vice President of Style. "In addition to the sports car itself, digital offerings that are perfectly tailored to our customers are becoming increasingly important to the overall driving experience."

A wider view of CarPlay in a Porsche car (Source: Apple)
A wider view of CarPlay in a Porsche car (Source: Apple)

"We recently brought the My Porsche app to CarPlay to provide drivers with even easier access to car functionality, and in the future we will be adding support for the next generation of CarPlay to Porsche models," continued Mauer. "We look forward to delivering an experience that adds the personal touch of a driver's iPhone to the exclusivity of a Porsche."

Customizing CarPlay for Porsche

Cool Hunting reports that the Porsche version of CarPlay has been adapted to feature the company's distinctive three-dial layout, including the speedometer.

Circular graphics abound in this version, and it's an intentional nod to the gauges that have historically always featured in Porsche cars.

These three dials appear directly in front of the driver, but to the side of the steering wheel there is also a more familiar CarPlay arrangement of music and other apps.

Customizing CarPlay for Aston Martin

"At Aston Martin we strive for excellence and performance and this was the key reason we chose to partner with Apple on the next generation of CarPlay," said Marco Mattiacci, Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer. "The integration of the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with a bespoke intuitive interface is paramount to creating the ultimate Aston Martin customer experience."

With Aston Martin, the customization of CarPlay has it appearing in part as a two-dial system to match the firm's minimalist design. It's also an acknowledgement of the car maker's history, as is how the controls are accented with British racing green.

The Aston Martin driver information system will also include a tachometer that features the text, "Handbuilt in Great Britain."

Aston Martin says that the new CarPlay will be introduced into its lineup during 2024. Porsche has not announced a launch date for its implementation.