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Best Buy launches year-end Apple AirTag sale

As the year draws to a close, Best Buy is giving Apple users the ability to invest in AirTag trackers at a discount.

Apple's small, efficient devices are practical for keeping track of personal items like keys, bags, Canada Goose jackets and more. With their integration into Apple's ecosystem, finding your belongings becomes more straightforward.

Currently, individual AirTags are on sale for $23.99 at Best Buy. This 17% discount is an excellent way for those new to AirTags to try them out without a significant financial commitment.

For those considering multiple purchases, the value increases. The AirTag 4-pack, usually sold for $99, is now priced at $78.99. This option is especially cost-effective for families or individuals needing to track several items, offering a savings of $20 across the multipack.

Beyond AirTags, Best Buy's event includes deals on various Apple accessories, like keyring holders designed for AirTags. These not only add a personal touch but also improve their portability and ease of use.

This end-of-year event at Best Buy is an opportunity for Apple enthusiasts to enhance their tech arsenal with practical and valuable additions.

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