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Ugreen Nexode 4-in-1 Desktop charger review: Big power on your desk or on the road

Ugreen Nexode 4-in-1 charger review

UGreen Nexode 4-in-1 Charger

3.5 / 5

The Ugreen Nexode 4-in-1 charger is a portable yet powerful USB-C charger to make sure all your devices have enough power, in a portable-enough form factor for your desk, or away from home.

Ugreen has an entire line of Gallium Nitride chargers, which provide greater charging efficiency and power density at smaller sizes than chargers using older technologies. This gives users more powerful chargers at smaller sizes, which helps when packing 100W into a handheld brick.

The Nexode 4-in-1 charger is both smaller and more versatile compared to Ugreen's 300W GaN charger, but the tradeoff in ports and sheer power is evident.

Three charging ports and one fold-out MagSafe charging platform make it easy to charge all your devices, including an iPhone. The matte grey color helps it not stand out too much, and rubber feet on the bottom help it hold in place on a table.

UGreen Nexode 4-in-1 Charger review - Ports & charging

With four ways to charge and 100W, there are many combinations to get your devices up to speed, whether it's just your notebook, an iPhone, or everything at once. Here's the simplified list of each port's maximum output with one port use:

  • MagSafe: 15W
  • USB-C 1: 100W
  • USB-C 2: 100W
  • USB-A 1: 22.5W

The wattage varies depending on the combination, but you could put your phone on top and charge your MacBook and iPad with 45W and 30W respectively. We've used this charger for over a month and found that it was particularly good at passively charging at a reasonable pace.

The 100W on its own can charge a 2022 MacBook Pro to 50% in under an hour, and the MagSafe can charge an iPhone from 0%-80% in an hour as well. It's fast, but it's made more for when you sit at your workstation for a while to let your things charge before packing up.

With its own power cord, it's easy to reach outlets and create a charging solution on your desk or other work surface. The charger does get a little warm at times, considering its size, but it's nothing out of the ordinary compared to a 90W power brick.

A charger for almost any situation

The 4-in-1 has so many use cases as a nightstand charger, desk fixture, a portable charger for commuters and students, and more. It's easy to save wire space and to pack up the charger and power cable quickly to put in a bag.

With a full price of around $180, it's fair to say this is more of an investment for those concerned with charging their daily carry or their mobile workstation.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

UGreen Nexode 4-in-1 Charger - Pros

  • Rapid charging
  • Portable for bags
  • Versatile use cases
  • Mix of wireless and wired charging

UGreen Nexode 4-in-1 Charger - Cons

  • Best used for prolonged workstation use
  • Charger gets very warm

Where to buy the UGreen Nexode 4-in-1 Charger

The UGreen Nexode 4-in-1 Charger is on Amazon for $139.99 (22% off) at publication with a $10 coupon, and is currently sold out on the Ugreen store.