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Monokei introduces sleek & Mac-friendly mechanical keyboard at CES

Monokei releases a new mechanical keyboard

The Monokei Systems keyboard, introduced at CES 2024, showcases a design prioritizing compatibility with Mac and customizable features.

It features a 75% layout, low profile, and slim design, enhancing the simplicity of the mechanical keyboard space. It includes a Magnet Mount system allowing interchangeable top and bottom cases, keycaps, switches, and a magnetic faceplate.

A significant design advancement is the introduction of the brand's new Series 2 keyset, specifically designed for low-profile keyboards. These keycaps address ergonomic challenges such as high angles and tall keycaps, typical in mechanical keyboards.

The Series 2 keyset features a low profile design with a subtle scoop, ensuring a comfortable typing experience. The gasket sock dampening system, derived from Monokei's premium models, contributes to an elevated typing experience.

A black mechanical keyboard viewed from above, paired with its backplate, both resting on a white surface.

Additional features include a hot-swappable PCB and silent linear (low profile) switches. The keyboard supports wired and wireless connectivity (USB-C, Bluetooth 5.1, and 2.4 GHz) and is fully compatible with macOS and Windows.

It will be available in Cupertino Silver and Stockholm Night colors, with an estimated delivery in late quarter two of 2024.

The keyboard launches for pre-orders on January 9, 2024, starting at $209.