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Nanoleaf's new Matter products will light up the outside at CES 2024

Nanoleaf permanent outdoor lights

Smart home manufacturer Nanoleaf is at CES 2024, showing off three new Matter products plus a new piece of software to create responsive light shows.

The Matter Essentials line from Nanoleaf grows with three new products. There are new permanent outdoor lights, outdoor string lights, and an updated indoor light strip all with multiple addressable zones.

The entire slate of the new lights connect via Wi-Fi 6 with the Nanoleaf app and any supported platform via Matter — including Apple Home. Nanoleaf is also offering new software features like the ability to paint your own animations, make custom gradient effects, and more.

Nanoleaf Orchestrator

To complement its smart lights, the company is also showing off its new Orchestrator software. This connects to your audio at the source to provide instantly responsive lights that react to your music.

Nanoleaf's Matter string lights
Nanoleaf's Matter string lights

The Orchestrator will identify beats, melodies, and the audio spectrum as it generates visual accompaniment with its smart lights. Users can create their own light shows by customizing the palettes, effects, and more.

Nanoleaf strip lights
Nanoleaf Matter Essentials Strip Light

Set for a spring 2024 release, Orchestrator will work with Nanoleaf's desktop app and works with any audio. The new outdoor lights are also expected to be released this spring.

Skylight modular lighting panels are shipping

Outside of its new CES releases, Nanoleaf has also announced the availability of its Skylight modular lighting panels first exhibited at CES 2023.

Nanoleaf Skylight
Nanoleaf Skylight

These award-winning panels mount flush to your ceiling and can adjust their colors from functional lighting to mood-setting scenes. Only one square needs hardwired before up to 100 additional tiles can be added.

Skylight is available to preorder now for $249.99 when picking up the Smarter Kit that includes three lights. Additional squares can be ordered for $69.99 each. Shipping begins in late January.

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