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A movie piracy app snuck onto the App Store in 2023 and Apple only just killed it

Kimi app removed from App Store for allowing users to pirate movies, tv

Apple needs to tighten its App Store review process because a movie piracy app disguised as a vision tester existed on it for months without detection, despite Apple's emphasis on security.

The unassuming app was called "Kimi," and landed on the App Store at some point last year and mostly flew under the radar. That is, until Apple pulled it down on Tuesday.

Kimi pretended to be a vision testing app, or some sort of spot-the-difference game. However, it facilitated movie piracy, streaming new releases and in-theater films to the users.

The app didn't even try to hide it. Upon opening it, you just searched for the movies or shows you wanted to watch, and within moments, you'd be watching them.

As The Verge points out, it's not entirely clear how Kimi worked. It's possible that the app was allowing users to stream movies from torrents.

It's unclear how Kimi managed to survive on the App Store as long as it did, but it managed to become the 8th most popular entertainment app on Tuesday before it was pulled down.

Kimi isn't the only illegal app that has recently snuck onto the App Store. A LastPass copycat dubbed "LassPass" made it onto the App Store before later being removed.

In any case, it's bad these sorts of slip-ups get through the App Store's review process. Doubly so when Apple is arguing that this process — and all the fees that come along with it — make it more secure than third-party stores.