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Apple's 2024 iPad & iPhone chip plan has been detailed in a new leak

Using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

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A low-profile leaker with a very good track record has spelled out what they believe to be Apple's entire iPad chip plan and what chips they expect to see in the iPhone 16.

The data spans multiple posts and products. Detailed in one post are the code names for the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

To not expose the leaker who has a very short follow list and has protected posts, we've taken the text directly out of their posts. The first column is the chip identifier, and the third number associated with each device is the internal codenames, which, in some cases, we've seen before.


  • t8101 0x18 j381ap
  • t8101 0x1A j382ap

The t8101 processor is the A14 Bionic, first released in September 2020. The leaker does not call these identifiers the 11th-generation iPad, so it's unclear what this is.

It's unclear why Apple would release an 11th generation iPad with A14 again, given that the last refresh with the iPad Pro-style redesign already sports that processor.

An internals refresh of the ninth-generation model that retains Touch ID with the A14 is possible, but seems unlikely. It's possible that the main client for this iPad remaining, education, is demanding it.

2024 iPad mini

  • t8130 0x08 j410ap
  • t8130 0x0A j411ap

Apple's t8130 is the A17 chip. This is a notable update from the A15 in the existing model.

2024 iPad Air

  • t8112 0x10 j507ap
  • t8112 0x12 j508ap
  • t8112 0x14 j537ap
  • t8112 0x16 j538ap

The T8112 processor is the M2 chip that is presently found in the iPad Pro series.

OLED iPad Pro

  • t8132 0x08 j717ap
  • t8132 0x0A j718ap
  • t8132 0x0C j720ap
  • t8132 0x0E j721ap

The T8132 is likely the M3 for iPad, as has been rumored for some time.

A second post summarizes what they expect from the iPhone 16 family of devices. As it has been for a few years, they expect four models.

iPhone 16 lineup

  • t8140 0x08 d47ap
  • t8140 0x0A d48ap
  • t8140 0x0C d93ap
  • t8140 0x0E d94ap

The T8140 processor is unknown, but is presumably the A18 chip expected this year. If the report is correct, that means that Apple's flagships will all get the same processor again, despite what Apple has done for the last few releases. A report by MacRumors on Friday says that the leaker told them that the Pro models would get the fully-functional chip, while the non-pro models would get binned versions with fewer CPU or performance cores.

The iPad Pro and iPad Air refreshes are expected in March at some point, in an event, or by press release. The iPhone 16 is obviously expected in the fall of 2024.

The iPad mini timetable is less certain. Some rumors peg it for the spring, while others place it in the fall.

As far as it pertains to the accuracy of the leaker, they went quiet and secure after they published something notable years ago. Since then, they've accurately been posting build numbers of betas hours and sometimes days before release.