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Apple stuff including a business card signed by Steve Jobs sold at auction for big money

Steve Jobs business card

Maybe we should have saved some of our old Apple gear. RR Auction's "Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution" auction has wrapped up, and collectors are scoring Apple-specific memorabilia at a premium.

The auction featured items from the early days of computing and video games, and boasted multiple Steve Jobs autographed items.

The biggest seller was a Steve Jobs-signed business card circa 1983. At most, five business cards signed by Jobs from any era have been authenticated by PSA/DNA. It sold for an impressive $181,183.

A vintage Apple Computer Company cheque from 1976, signed by a company co-founder, encased in a protective grading case.
Steve Jobs' check up for auction

Also part of the auction was a check signed by Steve Jobs, payable to Pacific Telephone, dated July 8, 1976. The check was sent from the address "770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto," which marks the first official address of Apple. It sold for $66,069.

Other items in the auction included:

  • A sealed-in-box 4GB first-generation iPhone, sold for $147,286
  • Apple-1 signed by Steve Wozniak, sold for $323,789
  • Apple prototype mouse from 1984, sold for $14,616
  • Apple Videopad 2 Mockup prototype, sold for $26,488
  • 13 G3 iMacs, sold for $11,229
  • Two Apple Watch Hermes Series 0, sold for $9,375 and $10,865

In December, a check signed by Steve Jobs in 1976 hit the auction block. The check was written for a $4.01 purchase at RadioShack, and sold for $46,063.