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Apple has dominated 2024 smartphone sales with iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max was the top-selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2024, with iPhones occupying half the spots in the top ten.

Apple and Samsung are still the top two highest-selling smartphone vendors in the world, and have been for some time. On a per model basis, though, it seems that Apple's continuing to edge out its main rival.

In a list of the top ten best-selling smartphones in the world for Q1 2024 by Counterpoint, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is in first position with a 4.4% market share. The note seen by AppleInsider says iPhone 15 was second with 4.3%, and the iPhone 15 Pro was third with 3.7%.

In fourth place was the iPhone 14 at 1.9%, narrowly beating the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. The iPhone 15 Plus lags behind in eighth place with a 1.3% share.

The Q1 results mirror those of Q1 2023, which had the iPhone 14 in first with 4.7% followed by the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 4.3%. At that time, Apple also had five devices in the top ten list.

Top ten smartphones sold in Q1 2024 and Q1 2023 [Counterpoint]
Top ten smartphones sold in Q1 2024 and Q1 2023 [Counterpoint]

Counterpoint's notes add that the quarter was the first where the top 10 smartphones were all 5G-capable.

This was also Apple first non-seasonal quarter that the Pro Max model took first place.

Counterpoint claims there was also a major shift in purchasing habits, with half of Apple's total sales in Q1 occupied by the Pro range. By contrast, Pro models formed only 24% of purchases in Q1 2020, four years previous.

The note insists this is an evident trend towards premium smartphones. Seven out of the top ten were classed as premium, namely having a wholesale price at or above $600.

Previously, Counterpoint reported that Apple dominated across the whole of 2023. In February, it determined that iPhone made up seven spots in the top ten smartphones sold in 2023 for the first time.