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Shazam can now run in the background with Live Activities

Shazam shown in the Dynamic Island on an iPhone

The new Shazam version 17.11 can keep continuously listening for music to identify, and will now display the results via Live Activities on the iPhone.

Shazam has always been able to identify music by listening to it, although it now listens longer than it used before giving up, and it will also recognize classical music. But unless users stayed in the Shazam app, it had to be launched and re-launched every time it's wanted.

Now with Shazam 17.11, instead of starting and stopping Shazam each time, users can now run it while working in other apps. While it's running, the music-recognition software showing that it is listening using the Dynamic Island.

On recognizing the track, it will then use Live Activities to show notifications of the latest song identified.

Note that it's the iPhone and iPad edition of the app that has been updated. It requires iOS 15.0 or later, or iPadOS 15.0 or later.

Apple Vision Pro runs that iPad version as well, but the Mac edition has not been updated in some years.