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Apple's iPhone 16 Pro could have world's thinnest bezels

The bezels on the iPhone 16 Pro may be even slimmer

A new leak about the iPhone 16 Pro goes further than previous claims about the bezels and says they will be the thinnest of any smartphone ever made.

It's not a surprise that Apple may be aiming for thinner and thinner bezels on the iPhone, since it has repeatedly worked to achieve that before. Nor is it new that the iPhone 16 range in particular will feature yet thinner bezels.

According to leaker "Ice Universe," though, the iPhone 16 Pro will break records. He or she does not mention the iPhone 16 Pro Max, but it's likely that will see the same reduction.

Previous rumors regarding the displays on the iPhone 16 range have claimed that there have been production problems because of thinner bezels. Specifically, there were yield issues, and part of the problem concerned heat dissipation issues.

Apple is said to be using Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology to achieve ultra-thin bezels. However, there were reportedly problems applying it to the bottom edge.

Leaker "Ice Universe" has a good track record with iPhone display details. In 2020, they revealed that the iPhone 13 would have a smaller notch.