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Apple's entire iPad lineup for the next year may have just been leaked

Apple's current collection of iPad models

Beta code dives have leaked the identifiers for unreleased iPad models — including some thought to have been scrapped in development.

Person editing a sci-fi character artwork on a tablet using a photo editing software, with a hand touching the screen.
Apple's iPad Pro with M4

On Tuesday, a leaker shared five identifiers thought to be related to the iPhone 16 family of smartphones. Two days later, more identifiers have appeared from the same source, but this time covering iPads.

The list, sourced from Nicolas Alvarez and shared by @Aaronp613 on X, formerly Twitter, is explained to be "guesses" for what they could be. While there are some educated guesses in the list, there's no guarantee that they are actually correct.

There are two groups within the list itself, with over half covering hardware that is probably on the way at some point. The remainder deals with devices that are thought to have been "scrapped" by Apple, at least for the time-being.

Future hardware

The in-bound list includes iPad15,7 and iPad15,8, which are thought to be the 11th-generation iPad with Wi-Fi and Cellular respectively. The model is speculated to run on an A16 chip.

The identifiers iPad16,1 and iPad16,2 are suspected to be the A17 seventh-gen iPad mini, again with WI-Fi and Cellular options.

The last four are identifiers ranging from iPad17,1 to iPad17,4. The leak theorizes that these are for the M5 editions of iPad Pro.

The first pair is said to be the 11-inch model with Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity, and the second being the 13-inch model.

Scrapped iPads

The second group of identifiers for "scrapped" models starts out with the iPad13,20 and iPad13,21, for the base Wi-Fi and Cellular models of an A14 iPad.

The identifiers iPad15,3 through to iPad15,6 are again for iPad Pro models, this time with M3. Since the product line is already on the M4 chip, this makes an M3 launch extremely unlikely.

No-one ultimately knows exactly what models correlate to which identifiers outside of Apple, at least until their eventual release. Aside from the scrapped models, the 11th-gen iPad may arrive within months, while the iPad Pro update to M5 won't happen anytime soon.