iPhone 13 Pro case roundup: Protect your shiny new device

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While supply chain issues have made buying cases for the iPhone 13 Pro more difficult, here are some of our favorite cases that are available now to help protect your new device.


Speck's main case launches for the iPhone 13 lineup is headed up by the Presidio2 Grip Compatible with MagSafe. An update of Speck's design that includes a 20% slimmer profile and a no-slip inverted grip for improved hold when used with MagSafe accessories and chargers.

Speck's lineup of iPhone 13 cases
Speck's lineup of iPhone 13 cases

Using raised grips on the outer edge for a more secure hold, it also has Speck's Armor Cloud air capsule technology for shock absorption, Microban antimicrobial protection, and a unique soft-touch finish with added scratch resistance.

Speck is selling the Presidio 2 Grip for $54.95 for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, in a choice of four colors.

As the name suggests, the Presidio Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe is Speck's most protective clear case, complete with a clear coating that resists discoloration and yellowing over time. While clear and slim, the case also provides protection from drops of up to 13 feet, as well as a raised bezel to protect the screen.

The case also includes built-in magnets, to ensure it works with all MagSafe accessories. Additionally sporting Microban antimicrobial protection, the Presidio Perfect-Clear is available for all four models, priced at $49.95.


The Raptic Shield is a highly protective iPhone 13 case, made from a machined aluminum frame with hard polycarbonate and soft rubber. This is said to provide the case with military-grade drop protection, to survive a ten-foot drop onto concrete.

Raptic's new iPhone 13 cases
Raptic's new cases for iPhone 13

Featuring nodes on buttons for easy location, compatibility with MagSafe chargers, and a raised lip for the display, the Raptic Shield costs $29.99 and is offered in a choice of six colors.

Raptic Air is similarly made from machined aluminum with a dual layer of polycarbonate and rubber, for additional shock protection. Made with a clear rubber exterior, it includes flexible rubber side cushions and raised lip guards, with the case showing the entire back of the iPhone itself.

Offered in clear and four other color options, the Raptic Air case for iPhone 13 costs $39.99.

Raptic Clear for iPhone 13 is a minimalist case with a clear frame that the company says won't tarnish or yellow in use. It still includes two layers of shock-absorbing rubber for protecting the iPhone, including from a drop of six feet.

Including a raised lip for the display, the slim Raptic Clear is offered in Clear and Smoke options, and is priced at $19.99.

The Raptic Terrain is billed as a sustainable case, consisting of a 100% biodegradable design, complete with similarly thoughtful packaging. While a typical plastic case may take hundreds of years to biodegrade completely, lab testing saw the Terrain case biodegraded 22.5% in under 365 days.

The case is also made entirely in the United States, with a shorter supply chain that eliminates international transportation, and thus shrinking its carbon footprint too. The Raptic Terrain for iPhone 13 is priced at $39.99 and is available in three colors .


Casely has a whole new lineup of cases for the iPhone 13. The designs come in a bold version as well as a classic version, both of which support MagSafe. The classic version is a thinner design while the bold version is a bit more robust.

Casely's fun patterns for iPhone 13
Casely's fun patterns for iPhone 13

There is a wide-ranging variety of case styles in fun, cute, whimsical patterns including animal prints, scenic views, smilies, flowers, and more.

The entire lineup starts off at $30 and AppleInsider readers can save 30 percent with promo code AI30.

Urban Armor Gear

UAG's Civilian case uses a design of two shock-absorbing materials in a dynamic hexagon pattern, held inside an impact-resistant exoskeleton. The ultra-light shell is said to meet military drop test standards, and can withstand a 20-foot drop.

UAG's Metropolis LT case supports MagSafe
UAG's Metropolis LT supports MagSafe

Along with the HyperCush technology, the case also includes a traction grip and oversized tactile buttons. Available for all iPhone models and in a choice of four colors, the UAG Civilian costs $49.95.

The Monarch case is a highly ruggedized version, including a five-year system of protection. Along with a signature armor frame, it includes a shock-resistant core, top-grain leather or carbon fiber coatings, a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware, and impact-resistant rubber.

Again, it can withstand a drop of 20 feet, and uses a traction grip and oversized tactile buttons to keep it in your grasp for longer. The UAG Monarch for all four iPhone 13 variants, in four different color options, costs $59.95.


If an extremely minimal case is what you need, the Totallee Thin case offers just that. With a thickness of 0.02 of an inch and a weight of 0.1 ounce, the case snugly fits around the iPhone with as little extra heft as possible.

Totallee's thin cases
Totallee's thin cases

Compatible with MagSafe, the case offers scratch protection for your mobile device, as well as a raised lip around the camera bump to protect that important element. Available in transparent, frosted, and three other color options, the Totallee Thin case for all iPhone 13 variants costs $39.


Nomad's Sport Cases for iPhone are made with a scratch-resistant PET-coated polycarbonate frame, combined with high-grip TPE bumpers, microfiber interior, and metal buttons. Able to survive a 6-foot drop, the case includes MagSafe support and an integrated NFC digital business card.

Available in five colors, the Nomad Sport Case is priced at $39.95.

The Modern Leather Case is made from brown, black, or natural Horween leather, which will develop a rugged patina with time. On the inside, it has a microfiber liner, while dual lanyard attachment points give multiple ways to carry the case around.

Nomad's Modern leather case
Nomad's Modern leather case

The case is also able to protect from 10-foot drops, includes MagSafe, and the integrated NFC digital business card. The Nomad Modern Leather Case costs $59.95.

As an alternate, the Modern Leather Folio adds an extra panel that covers the front of the iPhone. Using black or brown Horween leather, the Folio is capable of turning into a wallet, complete with three card slots and a cash slot.

Nomad's new sport cases
Nomad's new Sport cases

Using a shock absorption air bumper to protect from 10-foot drops, the case includes MagSafe support, dual lanyard attachment points, and the integrated NFC digital business card. The Nomad Modern Leather Folio is priced at $79.95.


As they typically do, Twelve South has updated its immensely popular BookBook case for the latest iPhones. The iPhone 13 version keeps a similar design to that of the iPhone 12 model with a removable shell case that sits inside the outer folio.

Twelve South BookBook
Twelve South BookBook

The case does support MagSafe and features a unique spine design. Between both the snap case and the accompanying folio, the case offers ample drop protection as well as a few card slots to hold your Apple Card and ID.

Twelve South will have these in stock soon for $69.99.


Moft's MagSafe-compatible Snap Case is an upcoming case for the iPhone 13 line that fits into its existing ecosystem of the Snap On Stand and Wallet. Capable of working with the firm's own accessories, it will also work with others in the MagSafe ecosystem as well, complete with "enhanced magnetic strength."

Moft Snap case
Moft Snap case

The case is white with clear edges and other peak-through details. It is being offered in a set along wit the Snap-on Phone Stand and Wallet, which enable hands-free viewing of the iPhone display and the secure and hidden storage of three cards.

The set is priced at $58 during a special sale, but normally retails for $68.


The mobile accessory brand's new lineup of grip cases are minimalist designs, providing protection on all sides and capable of withstanding a 6 foot drop. On the back, the Clckr sturdy grip can pop out and slip around the user's fingers, to minimize the chance of drops, with it also able to be used as a stand.

CLCKR case
CLCKR case

Launching in Clear, Saffiano Black, and Saffiano Blue, the cases will cost $34.99. Stay tuned to the Clckr website and the company's store on Amazon for the the new cases.


Bullstap's Classic iPhone Case is a premium leather case with a minimalist design. Measuring 1.5mm thick, the case features 316L stainless steel buttons and a fiber interior liner to match the outside.

Available in Sienna, Bourbon, Ocean, and Black, the Bullstrap Classic costs $75.

Bullstrap cases
Bullstrap iPhone 13 cases

The Portfolio offers the same core styling as the Classic, but with the addition of card-carrying potential. On the back are a pair of card slots, for storing your credit or debit cards, without adding much extra thickness to the case itself.

Estimated to ship by November 1 and available in Sienna, Bourbon, Ocean, and Black, the Bullstrap Portfolio costs $79.

The MagSafe cases are made to work with Apple's MagSafe system, so they are compatible with chargers and accessories within the ecosystem. The general styling is the same as the Classic, complete with leather and liner, but with the added MagSafe magnetic capabilities.

Estimated to ship by November 1 and also available in Sienna, Bourbon, Ocean, and Black options, the Bullstrap MagSafe case costs $79.

The Elite case goes one stage further than the others, in providing as premium and as protected an experience as possible. Along with the full-grain leather backing, it uses an anodized aluminum outside rim, a polyurethane interior shell, and a micrifiber liner.

There is also MagSafe support, complete with extra-strong magnets inside for attaching to other accessories. Available in Black and Terra, the Bullstrap Elite case costs $119.


The Spotlight case is an eco-friendly option, produced from three types of plastic waste, and uses 72% recycled plastic overall. As part of the environment effort, it uses Scrap Grip, an all-new non-slip material made from recycled silicone and old plastic cases.

Nimble's eco friendly cases
Nimble's eco-friendly cases

While recycled, it is also slim and protective, capable of surviving a 15-foot drop. The Nimble Spotlight costs $49.95, and is available in a choice of three colors.

Zagg Gear4

The Milan Snap is a MagSafe-compatible clear case that has a Rose or Gold gradient on the back. Produced with D3O Crystalex, it's a scratch-resistant casing that won't yellow over time, and can handle drops of up to 13 feet.

Zagg prices the Milan Snap case at $49.99.

Gear4 cases for iPhone 13
Gear4 cases for iPhone 13

The Vancouver Snap pays homage to the city in its name with a black and blue design inspired by gaming. Using a textured surface and contoured design for long gaming sessions, it also has interior air channels and venting to keep the iPhone cool.

Protected by D3O with protection from 13-foot drops, the case also includes an antimicrobial agent to kill bacteria. The Zagg Vancouver Snap costs $59.99.

Named after the famous New York City Borough, the MagSafe-compatible Brooklyn Snap uses modern materials, vegan leather, and recycled plastics in a classic thin design. It still retains 13-foot drop protection through the use of the plant-based D3O Bio material.

The Zagg Brooklyn Snap costs $59.99.


Casetify introduces a wide array of case designs and cases with each new iPhone, and the iPhone 13 is no exception.

The first new option is the Impact Crush case, which uses qitech 2.0 as a protective shockproof technology using bioplastic to give it drop protection to 6.6 feet in a lightweight design. Made from 30% plant-based material and 30% plastic excess, it is also environmentally minded by being a 5% upcycled case.

New cases from Casetify

Compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging, the case includes a lifted camera ring and raised bezel for extra protection, and a Defensify antimicrobial coating. Available in four matte colorways and two sheer bumpers, the Impact Crush Case costs $55 to $65.

The Ultra Impact Crush Case follows the same pattern as Impact Crush, but with extra reinforcement on the corners boosting drop protection to 9.8 feet. It's equally environmentally minded, and has MagSafe and wireless charging support.

It is offered in four matte colorways with four sheer bumpers, and costs $65.

The Impact Case is a remix of Casetify's best-selling case, but now it is produced from 65% recycled materials. Offering 6.6 feet of drop protection, it too uses the bio-plastic qitech 2.0 shockproofing, with added lifted camera ring and a raised bezel.

Including MagSafe support, Defensify antimicrbial coatings, and 18 colorways, the Impact Case is priced at $55.

An Ultra Impact Case is also available, complete with 65% recycled material and enhanced 9.8-foot drop protection. Offered in 11 colorways, it costs $65.


For the iPhone 13, Sonix offers two general ranges of cases, in quite a large assortment of colors and patterns, but with pretty much the same construction across the board.

Sonix has some cool new cases
Sonix has some cool new cases

The MagSafe-compatible case range feature grooved impact-resistant corners, a raised bumper around the camera, 10-foot drop protection, and antimicrobial properties. The cases also include a lightweight design, and are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Sonix sells the MagSafe alongside non-Magsafe versions, with prices ranging from $35 to $45.


The Full Leather Case for iPhone 13 is made from full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, chosen to age with a beautiful patina. On the inside is a Japanese microfiber with a satin-like finish, while the buttons are fully covered with leather.

Mujjo's updated cases
Mujjo's updated cases for iPhone 13

Design changes from previous generations include a covering of the base of the iPhone for extra protection, and a raised bezel around the rear camera. A second version is also available with a built-in wallet on the rear, which can hold three cards initially but will allow for five once the leather softens.

Available in three colors, the Mujjo Full Leather Case starts from $44.90, rising to $54.90.


The Moment Case is a thin and rugged accessory with a case body made from polycarbonate and TPU, lined with microfiber, and able to survive a six-foot drop. The MagSafe-compatible case will work with most Qi chargers as well as Apple's charging ecosystem, along with Moment's own accessory lines.

Moment's new line of accessories
Moment's new line of accessories including iPhone 13 cases

The Moment Case is available in four colors and costs $49.99.

The Moment Clear Case offers the same six-foot drop protection, this time with a clear shock-absorbing TPU frame, premium polycarbonate, and scratch-resistant coatings. The thinnest MagSafe-compatible case from the company at 1.9mm thick, the case works with mos Qi wireless chargers, along with MagSafe accessories and Moment Mounts.

The Moment Clear Case is $49.99.


The Mous Limitless 4.0 is a return of the company's popular case, providing protection using its AiroShock impact absorbing technology. The thinnest Limitless case ever, the case is fully MagSafe compatible, and has a new raised ridge around the camera to protect the lens.

Mous iPhone 13 cases
The Limitless 4.0 cases for iPhone 13

Available in five styles, the Mous Limitless 4.0 starts from $59.99.

The Mous Infinity is a crystal-clear case that is made to withstand yellowing and UV damage, while also offering MagSafe support. While transparent, it is solidly rigid to prevent torsion on impact, and has a raised ridge for protecting the camera.

Available in Gray and Slate, the Mous Infinity starts from $59.99.

Also returning for 2021 is Mous Clarity, another clear case with anti-yellowing and UV resistance. The AiroShock impact resistance is backed up with a black TPU frame for added grip, with the case also including MagSafe compatibility.

The Mous Clarity starts from $54.99.


Smartish's Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is a card case for iPhone 13 that includes a dedicated slot on the back for three cards and cash. While it doesn't include MagSafe support, the case does still offer grippy sides to prevent drops, as well as air pocket corners in case it falls.

The Smartish lineup
The Smartish lineup

At the front and back are raised edges, to protect the screen and camera lenses when placed on surfaces. The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1 costs $19.99 and is offered in six colorways.

The Wallet Slayer Vol.2 builds upon the first version by having a more flexible slot section in the back, which is still capable of holding three cards and cash. The thin-and-light case continues to have highly grippy sides and raised edges at the front and back, as well as air cushion protection in the corners.

This version also enables your credit cards to do another task, with them able to be used as a makeshift kickstand. Available in five colors, the Wallet Slayer Vol.2 costs $24.99.

Gripzilla with MagSafe doesn't include a card slot, as it concentrates on protection with its raised edges and grippy sides. The hard exterior includes finger grooves to maximize your grip, while the interior cushions the iPhone itself.

Unlike the Wallet Slayers, the Gripzilla is compatible with MagSafe, with its sturdy construction fully supporting wireless charging. Offered in five colors, the Gripzilla with MagSafe costs $24.99.

WaterField Designs

The WaterField Latigo Leather iPhone Holster is more like a pocket you can attach to your belt. Made from full-=grain latigo leather and chrome-and vegetable-tanned, the case includes an Ultrasuede interior to protect the iPhone itself.

WaterField design holster
The new WaterField Designs holster

The holster is held close with a magnetic self-finding grommet clasp, with side openings for access to buttons and a bottom cutout for Lightning access. While it can attach to your belt, it can also clip onto pants, pockets, and straps.

Available in Black, Acorn, and Dark Brown, the Latigo Leather iPhone Holster costs $99.


The Incipio Design Series for iPhone 13 are slim cases made from recycled materials. Using a one-piece dual-layer construction, the case has raised edges for the screen, can withstand 10-foot drops, and is scratch and discoloration-resistant.

The case also includes an antimicrobial coating for fighting bacteria, and MagSafe support. Offered in five styles, the Incipio Design Series costs $34.99.

Incipio's lineup
Incipio's case lineup

The Optum case is a more hardwearing case, with textured side bumpers and a raised edge screen helping it achieve 16-foot drop protection. Made from recycled materials, the case includes cooling air vents and a heat-absorbing graphene interior to help keep your iPhone cool.

Offered in two colorways and with MagSafe support, the Incipio Optum is priced at $49.99.


The Survivor All-Terrain Earth is made from sustainable materials, but still gives rugged protection for the iPhone. Said to be 50% thinner than competitors, its four protective layers and parametric geometric pattern, raised edge screen, and camera protection gives it the ability to protect from falls of up to 20 feet.

Survivor cases
Survivor's durable cases

Designed to meet or exceed MIL-STD-810G, the case also has covered ports to minimize dust ingress, and antimicrobial protection. Survivor All-Terrain Earth costs $49.99.

Survivor Classic Cases are also available for the iPhone range, with the Strong, Clear, and Endurance versions equipped to handle up to 14-foot drops, complete with raised edge bezels for screen protection. For the first time, the Survivor cases are integrated with Eastman Tritan Renew copolyester, giving them more environmental credentials.

Survivor Clear costs $19.99 in four colorways, while Survivor Strong is $29.99 with 4 color options. Survivor Endurance is $39.99 in two colorways, or $49.99 for Survivor Endurance for MagSafe.

Belkin UltraGlass Screen Protector

Belkin's UltraGlass Screen Protector is designed to keep your new iPhone safe from bumps, drops, and scratches, offering up to twice the protection of tempered glass protectors.

Belkin's glass screen protectors
Belkin's glass screen protector

It is made from Lithium Aluminosilicate glass, and it provides superior strength, flexibility, and premium scratch resistance without bulking up your phone. At only 0.29mm thick, it feels just like your iPhone's touch screen, ensuring a natural feel when using your phone.

Those interested can head over to Apple's store to pick up for $39.95.

If you've ever used your iPhone outside, you know how frustrating it can be to try to read the screen in bright light. That's why Belkin has created an Anti-Glare screen protector.

This ultra-thin screen protector works to reduce the harsh reflections of both artificial light and bright sunlight, allowing you to easily view your screen anywhere. Additionally, the screen protector helps prevent nicks and scratches, keeping your screen in pristine condition for trade-in time.

If you want to snag your own, you can head over to Apple and pick one up for $19.95.


Designed to give you the perfect, bubble-free installation, the Moshi AirFoil Pro features a proprietary adhesive that helps dissipate air bubbles upon installation.

The ultra-hard outer layer prevents scratches from keys and other times, while the multi-layer design offers protection against impacts and drops.

The AirFoil Pro can be purchased from Moshi for $29.95.

Moshi' s screen protector
Moshi's screen protector for iPhone 13

Trying to view your iPhone's screen in bright sunlight can be a real pain in the eyes. That's why Moshi created the iVisor AG Anti-Glare screen protector.

Easy to install, it features a matte coating that scatters light, making it easier to see your screen in bright conditions. The iVisor also features an oleophobic EZ-glide coating, ensuring smooth scrolling while reducing fingerprints and smudges.

The iVisor AG can be purchased from Moshi for $29.95.

Boasting a durable hybrid construction, Arx uses soft and hard polymers to provide an excellent grip while protecting your iPhone 13 with military-grade protection.

It also supports MagSafe charging, allowing your charger to easily snap in place for fast, hassle-free charging.

Moshi Arx clear case
Moshi Arx clear case

Arx comes in black and will be available to purchase from Moshi's website for $49.95

If you want to show off your brand new iPhone while protecting it from daily wear and tear, the Arx Clear Slim Hardshell Case may be the one for you.

This clear case shows off your iPhones sleek design, while the MicroGrid technology prevents watermarks and UV-yellowing. It also boasts military-grade drop protection, ensuring protection no matter what you throw at it.

Arx Clear Slim Hardshell Case is available to purchase from Moshi's website for $39.95

A slim and sophisticated wristlet case, Moshi's Altra offers hands-free convenience, perfect for those days when you don't have pockets. Moreover, if you don't need the wrist strap, it can be easily detached.

The textured back adds a touch of class while helping to improve grip. In addition, Altra is BPA-free, features an anti-microbial coating, and is compatible with Moshi's SnapTo series of accessories.

Altra is available for all iPhone 13 models and comes in in Sahra Beige, Midnight Blue, and Rose Pink, and can be purchased from Moshi's website for $49.95.

The Moshi Overture 3-in-1
The Moshi Overture 3-in-1 iPhone 13 case

If you're looking for an elegant way to carry your new iPhone 13, look no further than Moshi's Overture, a 3-in-1 wallet case.

Crafted with premium vegan leather, this case is designed to function as a wallet, stand, and portfolio-style protector for your iPhone. Quickly detach your phone from the outer wallet while taking full advantage of the durable TPU inner shell.

Overture is available in Luna Pink and Jet Black and is available from Moshi for $49.95

A stylish, hard-body case that comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, iGlaze is designed to protect your iPhone 13 from drops with military-grade drop protection.

The outside frame is a stylish, embossed frame with raised metal buttons that ensures a secure grip every time you use it. iGlaze is also compatible with Moshi's line of SnapTo accessories.

The iGlaze case comes in Slate Blue, Pearl White, Dahlia Pink, Astral Silver, and Adriatic Blue and is available to purchase for $39.95.

Those looking for a simple, clear case to protect their new iPhone should check out Moshi's iGlaze XT Clear Case.

The iGlaze XT helps protect your smartphone from nicks and scratches while highlighting the iPhone itself and is rated to military drop standards on all corners and sides. It's also thin enough to support Qi charging.

Moshi's iGlaze XT is available for $29.95

Pad & Quill

Simple and stylish, Pad & Quill's new LeatherSafe Pocket Book is an American-made leather, MagSafe-compatible Leather wallet case.

The leather case holds at least six cards, making it a perfect everyday carry companion. In addition, the leather will develop a beautiful and unique patina with use while remaining soft, supple, and protective for years to come. Pad & Quill even offers a 25-year leather warranty.

The LeatherSafe Pocket Book is available in three colorways: Chocolate & Deep Sea Blue, Galloper Black & Slate Gray, and Whiskey & Deep Sea Blue. Pick one up for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max for $89.95 (save 15% with code PQ15).

A one-of-a-kind leather-and-hardwood wallet case, Pad & Quill has designed the LeatherSafe Luxury Book to perfectly protect your new iPhone 13 Pro phone.

LeatherSafe PocketBook for iPhone 13 Pro Max
LeatherSafe PocketBook for iPhone 13 Pro Max

An attractive cherry hardwood case and American-sourced full-grain leather are guaranteed to age with a unique, beautiful patina with regular use.

Multiple card slots allow you to carry a collection of your most-used cards, making it the perfect addition to your everyday carry arsenal.

Additionally, the LeatherSafe Luxury book is MagSafe compatible, allowing you to easily attach your favorite MagSafe accessories or MagSafe charger to both the leather and hardwood surfaces.

The LeatherSafe Luxury Book is available in three colorways: Chocolate & Deep Sea Blue, Galloper Black & Slate Gray, and Whiskey & Deep Sea Blue. It's available now for iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max for $109.95 (minus 15% with coupon code PQ15).