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Apple Readies QuickTime 6.4

Apple has reportedly completed the development of QuickTime 6.4 and is actively prepping the multimedia software for release. The update first appeared as a developmental version back in June and has miraculously made its way through the alpha and beta stages in less than three months, sources told AppleInsider.

QuickTime 6.4 is said to add support for 5.0 and 5.1 multi-channel AAC audio and include the 3GPP component as part of the standard install. 3GPP is the new worldwide standard for the creation, delivery and playback of multimedia over new, high-speed wireless networks. Additionally, 3GPP is based on MPEG-4 and may play an active roll in future Apple products.

The new version of QuickTime will also boast support for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, which includes a preference to allow media files to pause when users utilize the 'fast-user-switching' option of the OS. Coupled with the forthcoming version of Apple DVD Player, users of Power Mac G5s should be able to play DVD's in Dolby Digital Surround Sound, sources said.

Yesterday we published a full report on Panther 7B59 which is rumored to include the final version of QuickTime 6.4.