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USA Today details Pepsi iTunes Super Bowl ad

According to USA Today, Pepsi's iTunes Super Bowl ad spot will feature some 20 teens who were sued by the Recording Industry Association of America, which accuses them of unauthorized downloads.

"Annie Leith, a 14-year-old from Staten Island, appears with other downloaders in the ad, which features music by Green Day." The punk rock band has reportedly cut a special version of the 1966 Bobby Fuller Four hit I Fought the Law for the ad, by BBDO, New York.

In the ad, Leith holds a Pepsi and proclaims: "We are still going to download music for free off the Internet. The ad announcer will then explain how by announcing the Pepsi iTunes Giveaway.

Earlier this week, an Apple spokesman told CNN that the company doesn't have any plans to advertise during the Super Bowl to mark the ad's 20th anniversary, but did inquire how many ad spots were left.

Meanwhile, Anheuser-Busch is expected to introduce a Super Bowl ad that features a donkey who wants to be a Clydesdale horse, and Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo Inc., is expected to premier a spot showing a pair of barely ambulatory grandparents scrambling over each other for a bag of potato chips. Grandpa will reportedly get to the bag first, only to find that Grandma has stolen his dentures.