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Monday, July 05, 2004, 04:05 pm PT (07:05 pm ET)

Inside the new Buenos Aires Apple Center

After closing its only official subsidiary in 2001 following the country's economic turmoil, Apple has maintained only a small presence in Argentina over the last few years. Business plans have yet to call for an official Apple reentry into market, but that has not stopped local dealers for making their push.

On June 17th, Buenos Aires saw launch of MacStation, a local Apple megastore located in North District, marking the first and only Apple Center in Latin America. Attempting to deliver all of the glamor and style of Apple's retail stores to Argentina, the MacStation provides 5 floors of the Macintosh experience, laid out and designed in similar fashion to Apple's retail stores. The renovation cost for the venue? A reported $300 thousand.

London Apple Store
London Apple Store
London Apple Store
London Apple Store
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The MacStation reportedly divides its content sections by floors, with retail sales on the main floor, corporate sales above, and technical support on other levels. All machines in the venues are said to sport wireless AirPort connections and reside on wood-finished tables, similar to those seen in Apple stores.

Representatives from Apple Latin America were on site for the launch of MacStation in mid-June, and reportedly supported and aided in the development of the Center prior to its launch. AppleInsider correspondents recently passed-on a handful of photos from the launch, which show the similarities in architecture and layout of the MacStation to Apple's own stores.

The store currently retains an employee head-count of about 30.