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Apple to end iTMS support for older iTunes clients

Apple Computer will soon end support for older versions of its iTunes jukebox software that attempt to access the company\'s online music store.

According to tipsters, users with dated versions of iTunes are being advised to update to the latest version of the software (4.6), as previous versions will soon no longer be supported.


\"Get the latest version of iTunes. You are using a version of iTunes that will soon no longer be supported. Upgrade today to take advantage of the latest application features and Music Store enhancements,\" reads a message from the iTunes store.

In the coming months, Apple is expected to announce updates to its iTunes software. One of the forthcoming versions will also interface with an embedded iTunes client for Motorola cell phones, sources tell AppleInsider.

Next week Apple will also hold a music related event that could herald further technological enhancements to the iTunes Music Store, which may require a current release of software.