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CSR proposes Apple use its chips for wireless iPod headphones

Wireless technology group Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) has approached Apple Computer with the idea of installing its Bluetooth wireless microchips into future generations of the iPod music player, according to a new report.

The chips would allow Apple to manufacture iPods with Bluetooth wireless headsets, an increasingly popular feature of mobile devices among consumers, writes the The Independent.

Following a bullish trading update on Thursday, which showed sales of CSR\'s Bluetooth chips rising faster than expected, the company confirmed to the The Independent that it had approached Apple with the idea. Its chips are already being installed in more than 60% of all new devices that are given official Bluetooth design accreditation, the report states.

Apple documents pertaining to iPods with similar wireless communication capabilities surfaced on the Internet last November. The documents depict iPods that can transmit information wirelessly to other media devices or a computer.

One patent filing made by Apple describes a handheld music player that includes a wireless transmitter which can \"transmit a continuous music feed to one or more personal tuning devices that each include a receiver capable of receiving information from the transmitter over the wireless connection.\"

Analysts have also vouched their belief that \"Apple is trying to figure out how to make a wireless iPod\" be it via Bluetooth or WiFi. While such a device is \"likely still on the drafting table,\" UBS Investment Research analyst Ben Reitzes said a wireless iPod could be ready for the market by the end of 2006.

Although a Bluetooh-enabled iPod would not allow users to directly tap into the company\'s iTunes Music Store, it would do away with the need to use a USB or FireWire cable when performing small synchronizations with iTunes on a Mac or PC.