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Apple seeking Intel\'s Woodcrest and Merom chips early?

In an effort to bolster its first Intel-based Macintosh systems, Apple Computer has asked Intel to make an exception and deliver its next-generation microprocessors in advance of their planned release, according to an unsubstantiated online report.

Citing unnamed sources, The Inquirer reports that Apple is looking to use Merom and Woodcrest —codenames for Intel\'s next-generation dual-core 65 nanometer (nm) mobile and server chips —to power Intel-based Macs that will debut next June. However, the chips, which are the successors to Yonah and Dempsey, are not scheduled for release until after the third quarter of the year.

As a result, Apple has been left with no option other than to pressure Intel into providing it the preferential treatment, but the world\'s largest chip maker isn\'t biting, the report says.

It\'s unclear if report is accurate, as Apple has made not official statement about which Intel processors will find their way into the first Intel Macs.

Recent mumblings have indicated that some Intel Macs could begin showing up long before June, possibly sporting a version of Intel\'s Yonah chip, which is due later this year.

Intel also recently said it is developing an unnamed ultra-low power version of its high-performance 65 nm logic manufacturing process that will allow it to produce significantly lower-power chips for laptops and small-form factor devices.