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Surprise ad for Apple TV begins airing on networks

Launching almost without fanfare, a spot for Apple's new media hub has begun making the rounds of TV networks.

Apple, Inc. on Monday launched a surprise new commercial for its Apple TV device, emphasizing the simplicity and echoing Steve Jobs' observations that the company was entering the living room after coming into cars, dens, and pockets.

The ad begins with a full-screen segment from the Paramount movie School of Rock, pulling out to reveal an iMac and observing that "it" — that is, the video — "is on your computer." It then draws the connection between the Mac and all of Apple's lineup by shifting to an iPod playing the same clip in a nearby room, adding that "it's on your iPod."

Finally, the scene pans to the living room where the Apple device plays the video on a TV, simply adding that "now, it's on your TV. Introducing Apple TV." The promo ends with a shot of the Apple TV substituting for the company's habitual ending logo shot.

Apple has yet to post the video online, but a sample is available below.