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Apple takes new direction with iPad ads 'Alive' and 'Together'

Apple on Sunday released two new TV commercials for the iPad and iPad mini, each having a catchy new flavor not seen in previous campaigns.

The two advertisements, appropriately titled "Alive" and "Together," both start out with a flurry of adjectives shown in quick succession to the beat of a drum, each highlighting one of the over 300,000 apps made specifically for iPad.

Apple's new ads focus on the software driving its tablet lineup, an ecosystem exclusive to iOS that rivals have yet to match.

As for the commercials themselves, the upbeat and fast-paced music is a departure from previous spots that were more subdued, with a single narrator describing various hardware attributes. The most recent ads, especially for the iPhone 5, were somewhat humorous compared to the usual "classy" promotions put out by the company.

AppleInsider on Saturday offered a first look at Apple's accompanying print campaign, which features the same software-focused scheme as today's TV spots.