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T-Mobile to reportedly unveil iPhone plans at 'Uncarrier' event, iPads to be absent [u]

T-Mobile, the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., will reportedly discuss its plans for an upcoming rollout of Apple's iPhone at a scheduled special event on Tuesday, which would finally bring the telecom's smartphone product offering in line with the "big-three."

Update: AllThingsD has heard that T-Mobile is not expected to introduce a compatible version of Apple's iPad at the "Uncarrier" event and, while a full lineup of iPhones will likely be carried in the near future, the handset may not be immediately available.


According to people familiar with T-Mobile's launch plans, the iPhone will not only be mentioned at tomorrow's "Uncarrier" event, but is slated to be the one of the main focuses of the talk, reports CNet.

The carrier will reportedly showcase the iPhone as the headline device in its new price structure, which eschews subsidies in favor of lower monthly rates. The scheme will have customers pay an upfront fee and a monthly charge on top of the service plan to make up for device cost.

In addition, T-Mobile is said to be readying the iPhone 5 and its 4G LTE capabilities as a headlining product for the telecom's advanced network, which could also be launched at Tuesday's event.

It was reported in January that nearly 2 million iPhones were in operation on T-Mobile's network, with the Apple handset fueling over 100,000 activations each month.

T-Mobile announced last year that it had struck a deal with Apple to become a partner carrier, though the carrier has yet to divulge when the tech giant's products will be available on its network.