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ITC delays ruling on possible Samsung product ban

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Thursday filed an extension of its decision on whether Samsung infringed on certain Apple patents, a claim that could see a sales ban of products made by the South Korean tech giant.


While the ITC offered no explanation as to why it was extending the decision, which was scheduled to be handed down today, the body noted in its late-Thursday filing that a final ruling will be delivered on Aug. 9.

As noted by CNET, the rescheduled date falls on the same day that Apple and Samsung are slated to meet for oral arguments related to the landmark Apple v. Samsung trial that found the Korean company in violation of a number of Apple's patents.

The ITC review stems from a patent countersuit by Apple lodged in July 2011, which itself was a response to a Samsung complaint against the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Presiding over the Apple case was Judge Thomas Pender, who issued an initial determination against Samsung in October. Upon the request of both parties, the ITC agreed to review all aspects of the case in January, subsequently remanding two Apple patents back to Judge Pender.

After the remand initial determination was issued in March, the Commission determined to review the ID and RID, asking for briefs from the parties, interested government agencies and the public.

According to the ITC's Thursday filing, the Aug. 9 completion date will bring an end to the months-long proceedings.