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Topic: tablet

Apple iPad rival HP Slate sees demand fizzle at 9,000 units

11/14/2010, 05:11 pm

After announcing that demand for its HP Slate had "exceeded expectations," it has now leaked out that HP only planned to build 5,000 and ended up having to retool to build a total of 9,000 of them.


Review roundup: Samsung's Galaxy Tab, the iPad's first "real" competitor

11/11/2010, 02:11 am

Initial reviews of the Galaxy Tab, Samsung's answer to Apple's iPad, have been mostly positive, though some reviewers have taken issue with the pricing and stability of the new tablet device.


Apple's Steve Jobs slams Google, RIM, rival tablet makers

10/18/2010, 05:10 pm

In a surprise appearance during the company's quarterly earnings call, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs hailed the success of the iPhone and Pod while painting a bleak outlook for RIM's Blackberry smartphones, Google's fragmented Android smartphone platform, and the coming trickle of 7inch tablets.


RIM shopping for ad network to take on Google AdMob, Apple iAd

08/18/2010, 10:08 pm

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is seeking to buy a mobile advertising network to better position itself against Google's AdMob and Apple's iAd programs.


iPad launches Apple to 3rd place in mobile PC market share

08/02/2010, 03:08 pm

Apple's market share as a mobile PC vendor has surged along with the launch of iPad, breaking 200% year over year growth while vaulting the company from seventh to third place in global portable computing.


Steve Ballmer: 'Apple sold more iPads than I'd like them to sell'

07/29/2010, 05:07 pm

Speaking to Wall Street analysts, Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer noted that tablets are a big issue for the company and expressed concern about Apple's success with iPad.


HP's webOS 2.0 to take on iPhone 4, iPad later this year

07/23/2010, 03:07 pm

After making comments to the contrary this summer, Hewlett-Packard is now positioning its acquired Palm webOS as a competitor to Android and iPhone 4, as well as Apple's iPad, relegating its Windows 7 Slate PC offerings to a business tablet niche.


iSuppli: Apple's iPad the "Tickle Me Elmo" of 2010, boosts forecast

07/20/2010, 04:07 pm

Market analysts at iSuppli have revised their iPad sales forecasts for 2010 from 7.1 million units to 12.9 million, writing that "product demand [is] expected to vastly exceed available supply" and calling the new mobile computing appliance "the 'Tickle Me Elmo' of the 2010 holiday season."


Report: Apple's iPad to copy iPhone in eating up lion's share of profits

07/14/2010, 09:07 pm

Financial analysts at Goldman Sachs report in graphic detail that Apple has inhaled the bulk of profits of the global mobile phone business with iPhone, and now appears poised to do the same in tablets with the iPad.


Apple posts QuickTime video of CEO Steve Jobs' 'iPad' keynote

01/27/2010, 08:01 pm

Apple Wednesday evening made available through its Web site a QuickTime video stream of its media event during which its new tablet device, dubbed the "iPad" was introduced to the public by CEO Steve Jobs.


iPhone developer Web site unavailable prior to Apple event [u]

01/27/2010, 07:01 am

Providing even more evidence that an updated iPhone OS could be revealed at Apple's event later today, the company has taken its iPhone Dev Center Web site offline [Update: Back online].


Purported Apple tablet pictures leak at last minute [u]

01/27/2010, 10:01 am

A series of photos shared just hours before Apple's product unveiling show an iPhone-like interface on a larger, higher-resolution screen, representing either an internal leak or a convincing fake [Updated with alleged back shell photos].


iPhone developer agreement hints at new version of iPhone OS

01/26/2010, 09:01 pm

An unintended update to the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement went live Tuesday with a placeholder referencing a Jan. 27 launch, suggesting an updated iPhone OS could be presented at Apple's product unveiling Wednesday.


Apple wants to price tablet hardcover bestsellers $13-$15 - WSJ

01/26/2010, 09:01 pm

Book publishers are said to be in 11th hour negotiations with Apple to provide books for its forthcoming tablet, with new hardcover bestsellers priced at $12.99 and $14.99.


McGraw-Hill CEO spills details on iPhone OS-based Apple tablet

01/26/2010, 06:01 pm

Appearing on financial network CNBC Tuesday afternoon, the CEO of publisher McGraw-Hill confirmed that Apple will announce its tablet Wednesday, and that the device will run the iPhone mobile operating system.


Tablet rumors: TV subscription talks stall, Verizon preps for 'big day'

01/26/2010, 09:01 am

With just a day to go until Apple's much anticipated media event, tablet rumors continue to swell, with reports of TV networks balking at Apple's proposed subscription plan, and claims of Verizon employees preparing for a "big day" Wednesday.


Steve Jobs: Apple a $50B company, excited over 'major new product'

01/25/2010, 05:01 pm

Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs announced that the company's annual revenues are now beyond $50 billion, but indicated that even more is in the pipeline to get excited about.


Analytics firm spots 50 suspected Apple tablets running iPhone OS 3.2

01/25/2010, 07:01 am

About 50 devices matching the characteristics of Apple's forthcoming tablet have been tracked from the company's Cupertino, Calif., campus, with the devices reportedly being used to test iPhone applications.


Apple tablet seen nearing $3 billion business in first year

01/22/2010, 09:01 am

Selling an estimated 5 million units in its first year as a "base case" scenario, Apple's tablet would earn the company $2.8 billion in additional revenue and solidify it as more than a niche product, a prominent investment baking firm said Friday.


Apple making last-minute tablet content deals for trade, education books

01/22/2010, 07:01 am

Just days before Apple is expected to introduce its multimedia touchscreen tablet, the company is said to be in negotiations with a variety of companies for content. The latest alleged participants: educational publisher McGraw-Hill and trade book publisher Hachette Book Group.