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Topic: Beatles

Beatles strike video game deal ahead of iTunes distribution

10/30/2008, 01:10 pm

Negotiations to bring the music of the Beatles to iTunes or any other digital download service appear to have taken a back seat to a landmark deal that will see the legendary rock band's catalog form the foundation of a new video game from the makers of Rock Band.


Next-gen MacBook Air CPU; Apple's SoHo neighbors complain

08/22/2008, 06:08 pm

Intel's Developer Forum has revealed the processors likely to underpin the first refresh of the MacBook Air ultraportable. At the same time, residents near Apple's SoHo retail store in New York City allege that its frequent concerts are ruining the neighbourhood.


BBC iPlayer official; Gameloft iPhone games; Beatles in 2008?

03/07/2008, 10:03 pm

The BBC has finalized the first version of its iPlayer TV service for the iPhone and iPod touch. Also, Gameloft and id Software have weighed in on iPhone gaming, and Paul McCartney's divorce may be the last obstacle to the Beatles on iTunes.


John Lennon's solo catalog makes its debut on iTunes

08/14/2007, 01:08 pm

Apple said Tuesday that the solo catalog of former Beatles frontman John Lennon is now available for purchase and download via its ubiquitous iTunes Store.


Beatles unlikely to turn up on iTunes until 2008

06/01/2007, 06:06 pm

The widow of Fab Four guitarist George Harrison has revealed that the music group's catalog should be available by next year.


Euro iPhone carrier; iTunes video service; McCartney on iTunes

05/14/2007, 11:05 am

Vodafone may not be the only European wireless carrier under consideration for Apple's iPhone contract in Europe. Meanwhile, a prominent market research firm says video services like iTunes are just a "temporary flash" along the way to better alternatives. And it's official -- one Beatle is on his way to iTunes.


Apple Pro App 4.0; notebook drives; new UK stores; Beatle(s)

05/10/2007, 11:05 am

Apple has released Pro Application Support 4.0 just as Hitachi hits a new storage capacity milestone with its 7200 RPM notebook drives. Meanwhile, Apple has confirmed plans for two more UK-based retail outlets. And one of Britain's Fab Four is said to be on his way to iTunes.


Apple Inc. scores trademark coup with Beatles' label logos

04/12/2007, 06:04 pm

Although supposedly a meeting of equals, the touted deal between Apple, Inc. and Apple Corps has given the former a decisive victory with some of the famed music label's most cherished US trademarks changing hands.


Apple TV/Slingbox lash-up, Apple Corps exit, Microsoft at crossroads

04/10/2007, 07:04 pm

The creators of the Slingbox media hub have confirmed they hope to bring Apple TV to mobile phones. Meanwhile, two of Apple, Inc.'s longest rivals in computing and music are facing a critical moment in their lives.


Jobs talks new iTunes functions, DRM and video, iPod storage [transcript]

04/02/2007, 12:04 pm

During a press conference on Monday, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs announced that iTunes will soon begin selling DRM-free music tracks from record label EMI and later fielded questions on the prospect of DRM-free videos, the effect of higher bit-rate tracks on future iPod capacities and more.


Apple, Jobs and EMI set to unveil 'new digital offering'

04/01/2007, 04:04 pm

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs will appear at a joint EMI and Apple press conference on Monday to make a special announcement, Macworld UK is reporting.


Beatles online gig won't be iTunes exclusive

02/13/2007, 10:02 am

Every song from the legendary music catalog of The Beatles will soon be available for purchase online, the head of the band's record label says, but the party won't be limited to Apple Inc.'s iTunes Store.


It's official: Apple and The Beatles kiss and make up

02/05/2007, 08:02 am

Apple and The Beatles' parent company Apple Corps said Monday they have entered into a new agreement concerning the use of the name "Apple" and apple logos, ending a testy trademark dispute dating back nearly three decades.


Beatles catalog to reach Apple's iTunes by Valentine's Day?

01/16/2007, 12:01 am

Compelling evidence has surfaced that 1 Infinite Loop and Abbey Road are almost ready to bury the hatchet, as both Apple firms drop hints that they may at last bring the legendary music catalogue of The Beatles to iTunes.


Beatles near iTunes deal, branded iPod possible

11/27/2006, 10:11 am

Apple Computer is reported to be closing in on a deal that would at long last bring the Beatles music catalog online and to its iTunes music service.


Ruling favors Apple in Beatles trademark suit

05/08/2006, 08:05 am

A London High Court judge has sided with Apple Computer in a lawsuit brought on by Beatles-owned record label Apple Corps, which charged that the computer company's use of its logo in conjunction with its iTunes and iPod products is in breach of a 1991 contract, reports the BBC.


Ruling in Apple vs Apple case due next week

05/01/2006, 09:05 am

A ruling in the high-profile case of Apple Computer vs. the Beatles' Apple Corps will be handed down at 10:30 am European time on May 8, according to a report by Macworld UK


Briefly: XP support on Mac?; Apple vs Apple; Virtualization

04/06/2006, 03:04 pm

MS contemplating WinXP on Mac support


Apple argues "even a moron" can spot company difference

03/30/2006, 09:03 am

Giving opening arguments on Thursday, lawyers for Apple Computer asserted the company's right to distribute music through its iTunes music store, rejecting claims by The Beatles' Apple Corps Ltd. that doing so violated a 1991 trademark agreement.