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Topic: iPhone 4

Apple's Steve Jobs could appear onstage at Jan. 11 Verizon event

01/07/2011, 07:01 pm

A new report claims that Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs will likely make an onstage appearance next Tuesday at Verizon's media event, which is rumored to contain the long-awaited announcement of a Verizon-compatible CDMA iPhone.


CES: AT&T outlines accelerated plans for 4G LTE deployment

01/05/2011, 05:01 pm

AT&T has revealed plans to launch new LTE deployment later this year, earlier than expected, with the expectation that the network would be "largely complete" by the end of 2013.


CES: Next-gen iPad case mockup, Lenovo reveals iPad challenger

01/05/2011, 02:01 am

A Consumer Electronics Show exhibitor is displaying a sample case for the the second-generation iPad with a machined aluminum mockup of Apple's unreleased tablet that resembles supposed iPad 2 cases seen online, while Lenovo has announced its first tablet, the LePad, which will attempt to take on the iPad in the PC maker's home country of China.


Apple expected to hold event by Valentine's Day to announce Verizon iPhone

12/29/2010, 06:12 pm

Apple is expected to hold an event "very soon," perhaps by Valentine's Day on Feb. 14, 2011, to unveil a new CDMA version of the iPhone compatible with U.S. carrier Verizon's network.


Radio Shack renews $50 popular iPhone promotion through Friday [u]

12/29/2010, 03:12 pm

After an initial sale resulted in iPhone sellouts at Radio Shack stores across the U.S., the retailer has brought back the sale for three days, offering $50 off the regular prices of iPhone models, with the iPhone 3GS starting at just $48.99 with contract.


Apple's iPhone most popular item on eBay in 2010

12/28/2010, 09:12 pm

Apple's iPhone beat out Barbie and the World Cup to take the coveted spot of most popular item on eBay's Top Shopped 2010 list, while the iPad came in fifth.


Apple raises Q1 2011 iPhone shipments to 21 million

12/27/2010, 11:12 am

A new report claims that Apple has raised its first quarter 2011 iPhone shipment target to 20-21 million units, including 14-15 million WCDMA iPhones and 5-6 million CDMA units.


iPad tops Mossberg's list of best reviewed products of 2010

12/24/2010, 08:12 pm

Technology journalist Walt Mossberg listed the iPad as his best reviewed product of the year, while he called out the Dell Streak and Google TV as the worst products of 2010.


China catches 'Apple fever' as potential iPhone market continues to grow

12/20/2010, 02:12 pm

The iPhone 4 has been selling at a pace much faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS, serving as evidence that China is catching "Apple fever," according to one analyst.


Sam's Club rumored to offer Apple's iPhone 4 at new low price of $147

12/20/2010, 08:12 am

A leaked internal memo from wholesaler Sam's Club shows that the company is set to offer Apple's latest-generation 16GB iPhone 4 for just $147 with a two-year AT&T contract.


Report: Verizon expected to eat up AT&T iPhone sales, add 14%

12/15/2010, 03:12 am

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster expects Apple to sell just 2.5 million additional iPhones in the US by adding Verizon as a carrier early next year, bringing 2011's US iPhone sales to 20 million, with Verizon's sales largely coming at the expense of AT&T.


Toshiba building new LCD plant with Apple's help - rumor [u]

12/13/2010, 08:12 pm

Apple is rumored to be investing in part of a $1 billion LCD factory that Toshiba is building mainly to supply panels for the iPhone, as the hugely successful smartphone continues to strain manufacturing capacity with its explosive growth.


22 months after announcement, Google Latitude app comes to Apple's iPhone

12/13/2010, 07:12 am

First announced in February 2009, the Google Latitude application for iPhone -- previously rejected from the App Store -- has been approved and is now available.


$50 sale leaves Radio Shack with nationwide shortage of Apple's iPhone

12/10/2010, 04:12 pm

Just days after Radio Shack began a promotion offering $50 off the iPhone, and before the sale was set to expire, many of the U.S. retail chain's stores are sold out of their entire stock of phones.


Mobiles, iPod touch killing off Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

12/07/2010, 04:12 pm

In contrast to all the "iPod-killers" imagined by Apple's competitors, new research quantifies just how much Apple's iOS platform has done to actually displace standalone gaming devices like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.


Apple struggles to meet iPhone 4, iPad, MacBook Air demand in China

12/07/2010, 08:12 am

Apple's hottest products are facing significant demand in China, with the 11-inch MacBook Air, certain versions of the iPad, and the iPhone 4 all facing shortages.


White iPhone 4 seen in public, test finds issues with camera flash

12/06/2010, 02:12 pm

As a white iPhone 4 was spotted in public, another handset constructed using leaked alleged official parts demonstrates issues with the camera flash.


Radio Shack slashes iPhone prices by $50, offering iPhone 4 for $25 with 3GS trade-in

12/04/2010, 10:12 am

In an unprecedented sale designed to boost awareness of its wireless business and create an edge up on the competition, Radio Shack is knocking $50 off all iPhone handsets and offering trade-in incentives that could net customers a brand new iPhone 4 for as little as $25.


Government regulators warn China Unicom over new iPhone 4 contract rules

12/03/2010, 12:12 am

Chinese government regulators have rebuked China Unicom for its new guidelines restricting contracts for Apple's iPhone 4. The guidelines were instituted Wednesday in order to curb rampant scalping of both the iPhone and prepaid microSIM cards.


HTC echoes Apple in defense of HD7 'death grip' issue

12/02/2010, 10:12 pm

Using language reminiscent of Apple's stance on the iPhone 4 antenna problem, Taiwanese handset maker HTC issued a statement Thursday defending its Windows Phone 7 HD7 smartphone from criticisms that it suffers from weakened signal strength when gripped.