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Apple Preparing Power Macintosh G5 Revision

Apple is preparing to deploy the first set of Power Mac G5 revisions by the end of January, sources tell AppleInsider. The company's development labs are reportedly testing a Power Mac model sporting dual 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 chips, as well as a single processor 2.0GHz configuration.

PowerPC G5 chips operating at frequencies up to 2.5GHz have been in sampling since as early as March, IBM sources said. Earlier this year Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, promised consumers that the PowerPC G5 would hit the 3GHz mark by the end of next summer.

Meanwhile, Apple appears to be wrapping up the development of the iMac G5, which we first reported last month. While few details were available at the time, sources confirmed a major revision to iMac form-factor. Subsequent reports claim that Quanta Computer had been selected to manufacture the new consumer desktops from Apple. The information further detailed pre-production measures that implied a completely remodeled iMac.

A report published today on seems to suggest the new iMac may sport a 'cube-like' enclosure.