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Apple could deploy dual G4 PowerBook before G5 model

Apple's PowerBook roadmap is very uncertain, according to an AppleInsider source, who states that plans for further revisions are still up in the air. "A dual processor G4 powerbook may see the light of day if the engineering challenges of shoehorning a G5 into a 1 inch thick enclosure cannot be resolved in a timely fashion."

Rumors of a dual PowerBook G4 were widespread on the internet several months ago, but saw now official announcement from Apple. The computer maker has reportedly developed prototypes of the dual processor laptop — based around the G4 processor — as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, Apple is said to be working with a company called Cooligy to try and attain their goal of deploying a PowerBook G5 by May of 2004. Cooligy, which was founded last year by several members of Stanford University’s mechanical engineering department, has developed a cooling method that uses common materials to produce a noiseless closed-loop active cooling system for CPUs, ASICS, graphics chips, and the large programmable gate arrays. According to its Web site, the company plans to sell the technology to "large electronics manufacturers."

The cooling technology is apparently ready to go but it is awaiting safety approval from Underwriter's Laboratories, and other safety bodies in foreign countries, due to the potential for leakage of very hot liquids. AppleInsider first reported on the use of liquid cooling in PowerBook G5 prototypes back in September.