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IBM reaches G5 milestone


"This week the last milestone was achieved for the 90nm [PowerPC 970] G5," sources told AppleInsider on Thursday afternoon. As of Monday, the 'G5+' (or 90nm PowerPC G5 microprocessor) was officially taped out, and cleared for ramp up. It will be about 3 months before the chips are available to Apple Computer, Inc. in sufficient quantity for revamping its Power Mac G5 line of computers.

The 90nm G5 will reportedly be manufactured on an SSOI process (Strained Silicon on Insulator). "Unlike Intel, IBM has kept current leakage to a minimum using SOI, and using SOI on strained silicon will reduce current leakage by a further 15%," sources said.

The PowerPC 980 has been highly rumored to succeed the PowerPC 970 G5.