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Apple to slash Power Mac G5 prices again?

Apple may slashes prices on its Power Mac G5 line of computers just in time for the holiday buying season, sources tell AppleInsider. However, the move would come just 1 week after the introduction of a new model that was accompanied by a price reduction to the base-end Power Mac configuration.

Apple Store Image

According to sources — and echoed by a seemingly inadvertent image publication by the main Apple online store homepage — the company's single processor 1.6GHz Power Mac will reportedly drop $200 to $1599, while the high-end dual 2GHz configuration will shed $300, bringing it to $2699. Newly released dual 1.8GHz units should see a $200 reduction, bringing them to $2299.

The Apple store image is also advertising free ground shipping on all 3 models. The image and prices are identical to Apple Store education prices for the Power Mac G5 line but are being displayed on the main Apple Store website. Having said this, the Apple Store homepage may represent a webmaster error and not imminent price cuts.

Update: Apple has since corrected the graphic on the main Apple Store page to reflect the correct Power Mac G5 pricing.