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IBM fabricating 90nm G5s in volume, sources say


Continuing with the ever-growing saga developing around Apple's Power Mac G5 update roadmap, sources today provided AppleInsider with positive news on IBM's progress with its 90 nanometer (nm) G5 microprocessor. The 90nm G5 has been rumored as the chip to elevate Apple's Power Mac G5 product-line beyond the 2GHz barrier and into its first major revision.

IBM, as recently as this week, has begun the process of fabricating 90nm G5s in volume. According to sources, test yields have shown the revision to clock up to 2.6GHz and come in a variety-pack of 4 flavors: 2GHz, 2.2GHz, 2.4GHz, and 2.6GHz. Additionally, yields of the new 90nm microprocessor have been as successful as those obtained with the 130nm G5 process.

The processors will be ready for delivery to Apple sometime in the month of January, sources said. Previous rumors have placed the arrival of second-generation Power Mac G5s sometime between January and March of 2004. One source believes Apple will announce Power Mac G5s featuring the updated 90nm G5 at Macworld San Francisco in January, and proceed with shipments of the machines in February or early March.