Apple testing video-based AppleCare support service

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Apple Computer, Inc. recently extended its AppleCare support service to cover the iPod family of digital music players, and rumors of a new plan that would insure accidental laptop damages have also turned heads in recent weeks. But for a company that was once renowned for its top-notch customer support, these strives mark only the beginning of what sources say will become a renewed commitment to reliability and support by the computer maker.

Last week Apple publicly launched a new Apple Discussion forum for support of its products. The revised format features a significant update to the user interface and a change to the way posts are rated.

According to an anonymous source, the company is currently beta testing a service referred to as 'AppleCare Video.' Unfortunately, details of the service are vague and it's unclear if the service is based on a forthcoming technology for Mac OS X or the likes of iChat AV or The service is rumored to represent just one of many changes that will add value to the Macintosh platform over the next year.