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Forbes confirming 90nm Power Mac rumors?

An article published in today's edition of Forbes appears to confirm a slew of rumors first published by AppleInsider over the last several weeks.

"IBM is said to be ready to deliver a new version of its PowerPC processor to Apple by the end of this year, in time for a revision to the flagship PowerMac G5 line. The main improvement to the PowerPC chip, known internally at IBM as the PowerPC 970fx, will be a reduction of the features on the chip itself, from sizes of 130 nanometers to 90 nanometers," according to the article. The article goes on to comment on further microprocessor plans from IBM as well as the potential of a G5 PowerBook by the Summer of 2004.

Readers should note that the Forbes article fails to quote any independent sources of information and could simply represent a rehash of rumors found on AppleInsider and other Mac-centric rumor sites.