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Apple readying digital audio workstation software?

According to a number of circulating reports, Apple may soon unveil a new piece of software targeted at sound engineers specializing in professional audio recording and sound mixing. The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), as sources describe it, is rumored to consist of a user interface developed by Apple Computer and sound technology acquired from Emagic.

The application will be core audio based and support AudioUnits plugins, according to one anonymous submission. Meanwhile, a subsequent report touches on the possibility that the computer maker may also bring to market an accompanying piece of sound hardware codeveloped by Apogee Digital.

According to insiders, the Apple DAW project has been in the making for almost two years, beginning just prior to the company's July 2002 acquisition of Emagic— a leading provider of professional software solutions for computer based music production. The new application will reportedly take an aggressive stab at the well established ProTools suite while complimenting Apple's Logic Platinum offerings.

Previously submitted reports that Apple would also preview a new version of it's Logic Platinum 7.0 software sometime in early 2004 have since gone unconfirmed.