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DigiTimes: Quanta to ship new Apple notebook in June?


According to DigiTimes, "in June, Quanta will begin delivering new notebook models to Hewlett-Packard (HP), Apple Computer, NEC and Sony, further helping the company expand its notebook shipments for the second half."

Considering that Apple just recently refreshed each of its laptop offerings in April, this piece of information appears to be off-base. Meanwhile, Mac Bidouille speculates that the information may pertain to the forthcoming iMac G5, noting that Apple has traditionally contracted notebook manufacturers, such as Compal, to produce its LCD-based iMacs.

DigiTimes has not been particularly accurate with past reports. The publication previously predicted 19-inch iMacs, an Apple tablet and the termination of production on 17-inch iMacs. Last year the publication continued to make references to a current Apple 15.4-inch PowerBook, which none exists.

After citing a nearing end to the iMac G5 development in March, AppleInsider sources speculated that a remodeled iMac G5 would debut around April 2004. At the time, sources noted that major cosmetic changes were in-store for the iMac, but were unable to provide details because iMac G5 test units were embodied by an enclosure made from generic prototype plastics.