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Apple Store London: A view from above (images)

A view from above

Catching a glimpse of Apple's forthcoming flagship retail location at 229-247 Regent Street in London remains close to impossible due to construction tarps encompassing the building's facade. However, AppleInsider reader, Nick Shorey, has submitted several photographs from the roof of the location.

The ongoing rooftop developments shown in the images are not believed to have significance to the Apple Store, which is rumored to occupy the first two floors near the center of the building. Instead, the visible developments are believed to pertain to corporate office spaces and apartments also within the building. Shorey also notes that new developments have begun in the rear of the Regent Street location.

London Apple Store
London Apple Store London Apple Store
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Happy Birthday, Apple Retail!

Meanwhile, Gary Allen of ifoAppleStore notes that it was on this day in 2001 that Apple opened its first retail stores in McLean, Virginia at the Tyson's Corner mall, and in Glendale, California at the Galleria.

In the past three years, Apple has launched a total of 78 stores, which are currently generating a profit for the company. Apple is poised to open at least another 30 stores over the next two years, several of which are expected to debut overseas.