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Motorola introduces RAZR V3i handset with iTunes

Motorola on Tuesday revealed two new colors and two new versions of its popular and stylish ultra-slim RAZR mobile handset, including a version that will ship with Apple's iTunes software.

Modelled after the Motorola RAZR V3, the RAZR V3i (previously dubbed the RAZR2) will be just the second mobile handset to feature Apple's iTunes software. It includes an updated and streamlined brushed-metal design, offering a large internal color screen, a hot swappable TransFlash memory card, quad-band technology and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

The handset, which includes a dedicated iTunes key, also sports an integrated 1.23 megapixel digital camera with a full screen view-finder, 8x digital zoom, and video capture and playback.

Nowhere on Motorola's website does the company provide any details on the handset's iTunes integration, other than to say the device will use a mini-USB stereo headset. However, it's assumed the RAZR V3i will be limited to storing 100 tunes, just like Motorola's first iTunes phone, the ROKR.

Along with the RAZR V3i, Motorola also announced existing RAZR models in shades of pink and ice blue, as well as a RAZR with Ev-DO for CDMA networks. All four new RAZR models are expected to be available in various regions by the end of the year.

"We wanted to evolve the Motorola RAZR without compromising the integrity and philosophy of the original design," said Leslie Dance, Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications. "These four new phones complement the millions of RAZRs already in use, enabling consumers to choose the experience that best fits their personal style and mobile needs."

Motorola did not announce which carrier would offer the new phones, but Cingular seems a likely choice for RAZR V3i and candy-colored models, while sources indicate that Verizon will eventually begin carrying the CDMA version of the RAZR.

The RAZR V3i with iTunes support was first detailed in this September, 2005 AppleInsider report. Meanwhile, a more recent report suggests that in the coming months Motorola will also debut a SLVR L7 handset with iTunes that will not feature a traditional headphone jack and instead will require a Bluetooth headset accessory.