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Briefly: AppleCare coming to Florida; TiVoToGo; Fox and CC

AppleCare arriving for Florida consumers

It's been quite a wait, but tipsters tell AppleInsider that Apple will finally qualify to sell AppleCare extended warranties to consumers in the state of Florida beginning on December 9th.

Previously, Apple was limited by the terms in Chapter 634 of the Florida Statutes to selling AppleCare only to businesses, agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions with a valid Tax ID.

Slightly different warranty laws exist in Florida, aimed at protecting the state's large elderly population from "warranty scams."

Due to legal wording, sources say Florida Apple stores and authorized resellers will carry a different AppleCare retail box which reflects a small but important wording change that will qualify the warranties for sale.

TiVo says mid-2006 for Mac TiVoToGo support

In volume 77 of the TiVo Subscriber Newsletter the company said it will be offering demos of its upcoming iPod-compatible TiVoToGo feature during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

The newsletter's editor also provided a timeframe for the long-awaited Mac version of TiVoToGo: "Confidential to my Mac buddies: I know, I know. But this announcement, while still PC-specific, bodes very well. Hang in there—we are targeting mid-2006 for Mac support for TivoToGo."

Fox, Clear Channel eye iTunes deals

With Apple reportedly preparing to announce a slew of new iTunes video content early next year, several new media corporations have expressed interest in selling their content via iTunes.

On Thursday Fox Film Entertainment co-chairman James Gianopulos said his is "open to a deal" with Apple's iTunes music and video service. "Of course, we'd be open to that. We believe it would be a great opportunity," he said.

Meanwhile, Clear Channel's radio division chief executive John Hoga said his company could possibly ink distribution deals with Yahoo or Apple's iTunes music service by next year. The U.S. radio conglomerate, which is seeking as many distribution outlets as possible for its programs, has been in talks with Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft over the past year, according to Reuters.

Apple currently offers video content from ABC.