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Apple developing new iPod applications for Windows?


Apple Computer is shopping for software developers that can help it build "new complex" iPod applications for the Windows operating system, according to recent company job posting.

New iPod applications?

"The iPod Application team is looking for an engineer to create and develop complex desktop application software and the Windows system building blocks for iPod," Apple said. "This is a unique opportunity to join a small, smart, coveted, successful team and work in a fast paced environment."

Job responsibilities include "implementing new features in existing applications as well as developing new complex applications, as well as libraries to install and maintain software updates on iPod."

Ideal candidates should have "5 plus years of experience" and "excellent C++ coding skills on a Windows platform," Apple said. "You will interact with many different teams and individuals, including marketing, user interface design, QA, customer support, and other engineering groups."

Historically, Apple has not released applications for the Windows operating system without making the same software available on its own Mac OS X, suggesting new iPod applications are also on their way to Mac user.

Front Row to grow

In related news, Apple's Platform Experience Department is looking to enhance the company's new Front Row multi-media software to support new media types.

"Would you like to create software for a centerpiece in Apple's digital hub?," Apple asked in a second job posting. Responsibilities for the position include working "cross-functionally with other teams to integrate various types of media" and coding "highly graphical, animated interfaces."