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Labels want iTunes bundles; new iPod games; Vista iPod update

For their part in the ongoing iTunes license re-negotiations, record labels are pushing for new digital sales bundles. Meanwhile, one iPod game developer has announced plans to deliver at least 4 new games for the Apple media players. And Microsoft says its finally squashed iPod corruption issues with Vista.

Digital iTunes bundles

According to the BaltimoreSun, at least two recording companies are planning to ask Apple chief executive Steve Jobs to sell a wider variety of content in digital bundles of songs, videos and other multimedia.

The paper, which cited two recording company executives familiar with their companies' plans, notes that the major record labels had each agreed to one-year deals that expire this spring.

Apple already sells some bundled tracks, but the labels hope expanding those offerings will boost online revenue and help offset lagging CD sales.

Four new iPod games on the way

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts confirmed last night that "The Sims" will appear as a game for iPods in the coming weeks.

During a quarterly conference call, the games publisher said it's wrapping up plans to release four new iPod games, along with a bevy of titles for mobile phones.

"From EA studios, we plan to release roughly 35 titles and 120 SKUs," executives said during the call. "EA Mobile plans to release 30 to 35 games on mobile handsets and four games on the iPod."

The publisher confirmed that one of the new iPod titles will include the popular Sims Bowling game.

Microsoft Patches Vista iPod Corruption

Microsoft said Tuesday that it has been working closely with Apple to ensure a great experience in using Windows Vista with iTunes and the iPod, and believes a new patch will do away with ongoing corruption issues.

"Today we're publishing at the Microsoft Download Center a recommended final compatibility update for users of Windows Vista and the Apple iPod; this same update will be automatically available via Windows Update on Tuesday 22 May," a Microsoft representative wrote on the Windows Vista Blog.

The release is intended for users worldwide and works with the latest version of Apple iTunes to correct an issue that caused some iPods to become corrupted when ejecting them using Windows Explorer or the "Safely Remove Hardware" function in the System Tray.

Both companies recommend the update for Vista users.