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Apple offers $86 iPhone battery replacement program

If your iPhone requires service only because the battery’s ability to hold an electrical charge has diminished, Apple will repair your iPhone for a service fee of $79, plus $6.95 shipping, the company said Monday.

In a support document published to its website, the Cupertino-based electronics maker suggests that iPhone customers initially follow a series of usage guidelines aimed at optimizing and preserving battery life.

In particular, Apple says iPhone users should make sure they have installed the latest version of iPhone software and that — like iPods — they keep the device as close to room temperature as possible.

"Do not leave [iPhone] in a vehicle's interior when parked in the sun," the company said, for instance.

The total cost of the battery repair program with shipping comes out to $85.95 per unit, but all fees are subject to local tax. Apple adds that the service is subject to its Repair Terms and Conditions, and therefore may not be available if an iPhone has been damaged due to accident or abuse.

Those iPhone customers who eventually opt for the repair service should know that the process will clear all data from their iPhone. 

"It is important to sync your iPhone with iTunes to back up your contacts, photos, email account settings, text messages, and more," Apple said. "Apple is not responsible for the loss of information while servicing your iPhone and does not offer any data transfer service."

Apple says the iPhone's battery should last through 300-400 charging cycles before needing a replacement.