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Apple launches official iPhone, iPod touch Web apps directory


Apple on Thursday afternoon launched as part of its website an official directory of iPhone and iPod touch Web applications, reinforcing its stance that third-party developers should focus their developmental efforts on Web 2.0 applications that function only under the embedded version of its Safari browser.

The move, anticipated by AppleInsider earlier this week, underscores the Cupertino-based firm's commitment to maintaining the security and integrity of its mobile Mac OS X platform by disallowing native application development by anyone other than itself.

The new applications directory, fashioned after the company's official Dashboard widget list, includes over 200 third-party Web-based applications optimized for either the iPhone or iPod touch — which share a similar hardware makeup.

The Apple directory breaks applications down into categories such as Games, News, Sports and Weather. Each application listing provides a short description of that application's function, the name of its developer, associated web addresses, and the date the application was approved and posted to the official company list.

Apple encourages developers to submit their Web applications to the directory and provide feedback on the current concept. The company also provides a guide explaining how developers can get started writing Web applications for the iPhone and iPod touch.