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iTunes update to address truncating glitch

Apple is working on a maintenance update to its iTunes software that will address a number of performance issues, AppleInsider has learned, including nasty bug which shaves off a portion of the last track during CD imports.

Apple reportedly became aware of the truncating problem following a flurry of reports from disgruntled users who've been congregating on the company's support forums for the past three weeks.

One, going by the name of dlalla, reported that since upgrading to iTunes 7.6.1, all his CD imports have resulted in the last 6 seconds of the final track getting cut short.

"I'm having the same issue, and didn't notice it until today," said another. "Considering the volume of CDs I import on a regular basis, this is going to be a real pain - I have to go back now and figure out when I upgraded, and what I have imported since then that will need to be fixed."

Other users confirm the glitch to have turned up as part of the iTunes 7.6.1 update released February 21st. They note that the issue is particularly prevalent while importing to compressed formats such as AAC or MP3 using a speedy optical drive. Users of slower optical drives say they haven't noticed the issue.

While they await the forthcoming iTunes update, some users have resorted to a workaround. They've found that by importing the final track of each CD to AIFF format, then converting it to a compressed format afterwards, they can avoid the problem.