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Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference set for June

Apple Inc. said Thursday that its annual developers conference will run June 9 - 13 at the Moscone West convention center in downtown San Francisco, and should be a "landmark" for the company.

"The groundbreaking innovations of Mac OS X Leopard and iPhone OS offer two revolutionary development platforms for developers and IT professionals," the company wrote on its WWDC 2008 website. "Immerse yourself with information-rich sessions where Apple engineers go in-depth on the innovative technologies that power the features of these sophisticated platforms."

With the release of the official iPhone SDK, the conference will now have three distinct tracks. A new iPhone track covers the production of both native and web apps, including optimizing 3D graphics as well as network use.

An IT track is aimed at professionals integrating Apple hardware into business, including the iPhone as well as Macs.

A conventional Mac development track is also present.

In recent years, Apple chief Steve Jobs has also used his frequent keynote speeches at the event to introduce either new software or professional hardware. In 2006, the company co-founder introduced the original Mac Pro as well as Mac OS X Leopard's early features. In 2007, however, the presentation primarily saw an expanded preview of Leopard as well as a discussion of new gaming initiatives.

Still, Apple is setting the bar high for 2008 through its invite image for the event — sent to Gizmodo — which features two Golden Gate bridges coming together as well as a telltale byline: WWDC will be "a landmark event. In more ways than one."

WWDC 2008 invite sent to the media, courtesy of Gizmodo