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Placeholders for new Macs showing up in retail systems?

Some Apple Authorized Resellers may be getting the nod from their Apple reps to begin preparing their inventory systems for the arrival of several new Mac models, according to a new rumor.

A screenshot submitted anonymously to MacRumors claims to show place holders for six new Macs listed in the inventory system of Canada's FutureShop, a subsidiary of Best Buy.

No further details are available and the image has not been independently verified. That said, Best Buy has been notorious in recent years for providing advanced notice of new Apple products through updates to its internal systems, which inevitably get leaked on the Web.

The most recent incident took place this past February when the retailer's system revealed precise part numbers and pricing for the current generation of MacBooks and MacBook Pros ahead of Apple's official announcement.

If genuine and taken at face value, FutureShop's inventory system would suggest the release of six new Macs, which would likely coincide with three new models of MacBooks and three new models of MacBook Pros (two 15-inch, one 17-inch).

An image reportedly taken of FutureShop's inventory system | Source: MacRumors.

A recent report has suggested October 14th as a likely announcement for the new notebooks, which falls inline AppleInsider's previously-published 2008 hardware roadmap.